Camper Jam 2018

The annual meeting of VW camper enthusiasts at Weston Hall in Shropshire.

A beautifully restored example of a T1 splitscreen VW bus.




… and someone else’s idea of a beautiful VW.





An interesting gravity-defying roof-top tent from TUFF-TREK.



What would Camper Jam be without a beer tent?

Today happened to be the day of the World Cup match between England and Sweden. The organisers thought it might be a good idea to provide a TV screen for the occasion.

Plenty of people agreed.


Hot, sunny day signalled a drive out. I chose Worcester, which is 31 miles  southwest of Birmingham and situated next to the river Severn.

The sun was so fierce that I bought a Donald Trump hat for protection.

It was a relaxing day, meandering around the city and putting away an enjoyable lunch in a very comfortable restaurant, the name of which I forget. It was tucked away down a winding alleyway off the high street.

Here’s a railway bridge.


The spire now known as ‘Glover’s Needle’ used to crown the church of St Andrew, but this building was demolished in the late 1940s.

The remaining tower now stands in St Andrews Gardens close to Worcester College of Technology. It is the tallest spire in the country to have such a narrow angle of taper.



Before heading for home, I finished off with an ice-cold pint of Guiness at ‘Browns at the Quay’.

Took the opportunityto muscle in on a shaded spot on the terrace as other patrons stood up to leave so we could escape the relentless heat of the sun. Here is the view of the river from our table.